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When I fished around for a theme for this publication, I envisioned an old-fashioned postcard and compass icon. Pointed north, of course. Do I think North is the only direction? Nope. But it’s the direction of my life, so I’m going with what I’ve got.

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I get that as a publication title, ‘Northern Dispatches’ is so general it could encompass almost anything, which may just be Too General to be of Any Use. Mostly, I suspect I’m a philosopher at heart. So mostly, I suspect, I’ll be musing. We’ll figure it out together, how about? If I change the publication’s name, we won’t be alarmed.

Welcome Aboard

It can be lonely in the north. Or anywhere. And while I find solitude Good, I find loneliness Less Good. Maybe that’s what writing is about. Less loneliness, more connection. Life in the north can also be hectic and crowded. Either way, I like people. In my other life, my baking/espresso-making/running-a-food-trailer life, I meet a lot of them. And a lot of them are you. Hello, my peeps. Hello to old and new. Welcome aboard this train that runs day and night, the train that is words, thoughts, intentions, ideas, memories, experiences, and probably also love.


Well. That question again. Life. Possibly too general, I know. We’ll work on it.

Who Am I?

Big question. Short answer: I’m a writer and a baker. I have published four novels with Penguing Random House. Along with my husband, I ran a diner in Grand Marais, Michigan for thirty years. Now we’re developing a bakery/coffee trailer. Check out my work at for more details.

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Notes from a human who writes. I also run a bakery trailer. I write and bake from near the shore of Lake Superior. Topics include thoughts on existence, observations about the writing life, musings about food and food service, and sometimes a story.


A human who thinks much and writes some of those thoughts down. I'm a novelist, a baker, a dog lover, a walker, a reader (of course) and someone who likes to sit beside campfires.